Exchange Nominees

Tlangelani Kwinika, Elmien Coetser, Thembi Macata

The student exchange nominees who had been awarded the opportunity to attend the 2019 annual conference held  in Stellenbosch, were Elmien Coetser, Tlangelani Kwinika & Thembi Macata

The IPPS Southern Africa board each year selects and sponsors three top candidates from the nominations received for the Australia/Southern Africa student exchange programme.

Each candidate will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their background in horticulture, through a short presentation at the Regional Conference. This talk includes a short presentation on a horticultural field of interest and explaining what they personally hope to gain from the international exposure. 

IPPS members attending the conference will judge each candidates presentation and decide by a vote who should be awarded the opportunity to visit Australia.

Nominations for the Australia/Southern Africa student exchange programme will be accepted until 31 October. Click here to download the nomination form.